Overseas Visitors

3 Star Self CateringBraehead Cottage is located in the heart of Scotland and makes a perfect base for exploring Scotland. Whether you’re heading to the stunning highland scenery in the north and west, or the rich culture and heritage of the country’s main cities to the south and east, Braehead Cottage is within easy driving distance of the majority of Scotland. See our ‘Further Afield‘ page for ideas about a great day out.


Overseas visitors arriving in Scotland by air generally land at Edinburgh or Glasgow airport. Both are about 1 hour 15 minutes driving time from Braehead Cottage. Car rental facilities are available at these airports and all cities and large towns in Scotland. If driving up from England, the cottage is 2 hours 15 minutes drive from the border on the main routes north. Please be aware that cars drive on the left hand side of the road in the whole of the United Kingdom, including Scotland. An infrequent bus service runs from the city of Perth to the village and there are no train stations near to St Fillans. We recommend that you arrange your own transport for the duration of your stay.


The currency in Scotland is the Pound Sterling (GBP), which is the same as the rest of the United Kingdom. You should get by without carrying large amounts of cash, as credit and debit cards are widely accepted across the country. Keep some coins at hand to pay for car parking facilities, as most tourist destinations do not have free parking. You may need cash to tip in restaurants, though some include a ‘service charge’ so make sure you check your bill first as tipping is discretionary and you can ask to have this removed if you feel the service wasn’t up to scratch. People in Scotland generally tip between 10% and 15% of the bill in a restaurant, but there is no need to tip when buying a drink in a bar.


Electricity costs are included at Braehead Cottage. The mains electricity runs at the European standard 230V at 50Hz but plugs are of a British type that is uncommon in the rest of the world. Please check the compatibility of your devices before attempting to connect to the electricity supply to ensure safe use.

Health Services

Medical facilities are available in nearby Crieff and in all major towns and cities. Please read the information on health services from the Scottish Government – health services for overseas visitors.